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Come on then”—she smiled at her daughter, nervously—“let’s go in, shall we?Get it over with?” Molly smiled back grimly and nodded. April 1981 Megan pulled back the ivy and pushed her fingertips inside a small crevice in the wall. “Got another one!” she shouted out to Bethan and the twins. “Oh, well done, Meggy!” her mother called from the back step, where she stood in her strawberry print apron watching proceedings with a contented smile. “Bravo!” Megan pulled out the small foil wrapped egg and dropped it into her basket. “It’s pink!” she said pointedly to her younger sister. “Don’t care,” said Bethan. “I’ve got three pink ones already. ” Megan looked up at the sky; it was cloudless, densely blue, hot as July. Mum had said they needed to find their eggs quickly, otherwise they might melt. Her eyes scanned the gardens.

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